Promotional Beach Accessories

Promotional beach accessories are good all year around! Naturally, they are great for spring and summer give away promotions, but they also can be used in fall and winter. People vacation at all times of the year, so it really doesn’t matter where summer is, they will find it. Many retail stores feature a summer theme beach party special in the off seasons as well.

Beach balls, flying discs, volleyballs, blow up balls and float toys are colorful, fun promotional items that can be imprinted with the company name or logo. Clothing is another promotional product that fits into summer themes, with hats, caps, tee shirts, jackets, and accessories. Sunglasses, lanyards, and drink bottles all are imprintable, and will bring in traffic to your beach theme promotion.

There are hundreds of beach accessories from which to select, such as floating mats, boogie boards, lunch or picnic sets, and towels. For the boaters in the crowd, there are flags, magnetic items, cups or mugs, and cushions. More expensive, corporate gifts are available for those special business associates. Glassware, luggage, bags, umbrellas and watches are just a few.

Travel sets and personal care items are another idea that can be worked into a beach theme promotion. Summer and the beach are favorite holiday destinations, and many of those destinations are distant. Add your company or product name and logo to the item for added impact as those items travel around on their own.

No matter what the natural season is, promotional beach accessories can always be used. Just like there are “Christmas in July” promotions, “Beach Party” is great for February or March. Promotional beach accessories bring in customers early to your sale or convention booth. Use their imprinting ability to the maximum for an outstanding promotion.

One way to make sure beach accessories reach a wide audience is to choose items that are simple to use or easy to carry. Towels, beach umbrellas, balls and chairs will likely make it to the beach or pool.

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